AUTHOR: Matt Dickman TITLE: AOL and Yahoo! move to pay email model option DATE: 2/07/2006 02:27:00 PM ----- BODY:
AOL and Yahoo! recently announced the creation of paid "whitelists" for commercial email senders. The fee that is collected (1/4-1 cent per email) would basically give those messaged priority and guaranteed avoidance of Spam and volume filters. Basically a web version of "certified mail". Vendor GoodMail it set to provide the services. UPDATE: AOL has announced it will maintain its Enhanced Whitelist which has been growing over time to weed out spammers. 2/8 UPDATE: Interesting article in Forbes questioning the end of email. With RSS usage on the rise, more and more marketers and consumers seem to be re-focusing their attention and dollars. 2/9 UPDATE: ClickZ article. Always a good source.
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